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A New Christmas Message For You!

Originally posted on Defrosting Windows:
What image comes to your mind when you worship or think upon God? Does your mind recount images from the “Passion of the Christ” movie? Do you see a bleeding Savior on a cross? Do…

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Two Reasons Why God Never Abolished Slavery

I’m still very, very uncomfortable with this. But here we go. Neither the Old Testament or the New Testament call for the abolition of Slavery. Instead, they make laws to regulate it. What is going on? Slavery is built upon … Continue reading

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Slavery Verses II: John MacArthur Exposes NT Slavery

Pastor John MacArthur from the Grace To You broadcast has written a book exposing the truth about New Testament Slavery that is so profound for our relationship with Christ today and in the future. He writes: “I realized there had … Continue reading

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