Slavery Verses II: John MacArthur Exposes NT Slavery

Pastor John MacArthur from the Grace To You broadcast has written a book exposing the truth about New Testament Slavery that is so profound for our relationship with Christ today and in the future. He writes:

“I realized there had been a centuries-long cover-up by English New Testament translators that had obscured a powerful revelation by the Holy Spirit. I also discovered in my many trips around the world that there were many who followed the lead of the English Versions and maintained the cover-up. Yet, there were some who translated correctly. Thus this revelation is not hidden to our fellow believers in Russia, Romania, Indonesia, and the Philippines.”

If you haven’t read my earlier post on the Slavery Verses, I would encourage you to do so now. If you have, then it is time to click on the link above and watch this message.

If you prefer to read, then you can click below to read the transcript.

Slaves for Christ by John MacArthur

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