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How Did God Introduce His Bride To The Lost World?

How was the organic, missional church introduced to the world? How was the evangelical church presented to the lost? Pick any denomination, pick any flavor, pick your church, and ask this question: Out of all the innumerable ways that God … Continue reading

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Witness or Worship? (Mission before Church??? Part 3)

Someone recently read Parts 1 & 2, and then they asked me this pertinent question. Question:  “Cannot evangelism be considered worship? Worship is defined as giving God glory, and I’m sure that obeying Him by spreading the gospel gives Him … Continue reading

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Mission before Church??? Part 2

(This is a continuation of Mission before Church??? Part1 Risks of Misalignment When you separate yourself from worship and prayer with believers as your first priority, when you place Mission before the practices of doing Church, you place yourself in … Continue reading

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Mission before Church??? Part 1

I did some research and found that there are several websites and blogs that promote the idea that Mission comes before Church. According to the dates, this way of thinking has been going on for some time. Many of these … Continue reading

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