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Did Jesus Consider Gentiles To Be His Kinsmen?

Why is this an important question? Because it seems that very few are asking this, and instead have turned a blind eye to this question and its consequences. In one set of circumstances, theologians answer “no”. But, given another set … Continue reading

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Jesus Is Either The Way Or No Way At All

As I sat listening to the Sunday School teacher quote these passages, it became clear that Jesus simply could not be one of many ways to God. Jesus is either the one and only way, or no way at all. … Continue reading

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Where Is Jesus Mentioned As A Kinsman-Redeemer?

People who have read the previous post about the scriptural basis for Gentile Redemption have made remarks saying, “the Bible references the Old Testament when it talks about Christ becoming a curse for us, and being our Passover lamb. But … Continue reading

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