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What Is The First And Last Sign Of Being Filled With The Holy Spirit In The New Testament?

I don’t know if I have ever had anyone point this out to me. If I would have guessed, I would have been wrong. Why? Because the focus was usually on something else. Let’s start by asking: Who was the … Continue reading

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How Could John The Baptist Be Filled With The Spirit From Birth?

How could John the Baptist be filled with the Spirit before he was born? Baby John didn’t just have the Spirit come upon him or nudge him. The scripture makes it clear that John would be FILLED with the Spirit … Continue reading

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Matthew 3: The Great Affirmation

If you will open your eyes, you can begin to see that the Baptism of Jesus is a story of great, great hope for you and me right now. Before I get into the really good stuff, let me lay … Continue reading

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Matthew 3: Why Did Jesus Get Baptized?

Why did Jesus get baptized by John? Why would Jesus even “need” to be baptized? What was the point for Him? I have always been puzzled by this. Most theologians suggest that Jesus did this to symbolically identify with sinners … Continue reading

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