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Jesus Couldn’t Walk

Luke 2:28, “Simeon took him in his arms…” The One who walked on water, at one time, could not walk at all. This wasn’t just a baby in Simeon’s arms. He was literally carrying the Son of God. The verse … Continue reading

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Who Wrote Acts 17:28 And Why?

If you have friends who will not celebrate Christmas or Easter because they believe these holidays have pagan origins, then this is going to be a shocker for them… “For in him we live and move and have our being”…–Acts … Continue reading

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A New Christmas Message For You!

What image comes to your mind when you worship or think upon God? Does your mind recount images from the “Passion of the Christ” movie? Do you see a bleeding Savior on a cross? Do you imagine a bright light? … Continue reading

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