Can You Quote The Spirit?

Try this with your bible study:

1. Ask the group if they can can quote something that Jesus said.

You may hear, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” It’s pretty easy to quote Jesus because in many bibles, his words are often highlighted in red. One of the most quoted verses in the bible is John 3:16, which is a quote by Jesus. This is a pretty easy task.

2. Now, ask the group to quote the Father.

You may hear, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”. Maybe you will get a quote from the ten commandments like “Thou shalt not steal”. Many will quote sayings from the Old Testament. You should get some good responses.

3. Now ask the group to quote the Holy Ghost…

More often than not, you will be met with silence. They may respond by saying that the Holy Spirit inspired every word in the Bible, and that the whole book is basically His quote. If so, you can clarify by asking them to quote the specific places in scripture where it says something like “the Holy Spirit said”. You may have a few scholars in the group who can quote those passages, but it generally doesn’t happen.

Isn’t it amazing that many of us (including myself) who say that we desperately seek to hear and know the voice of the Holy Ghost cannot quote even two or three verses of the actual spoken words that the scriptures specifically attribute to the Spirit? I couldn’t. It is  like saying that you seek to deeply know the heart and mind of Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr., and that you have read many books about them; yet, you can’t quote a single paragraph from one of their speeches. If you know fact after fact about their lives, but can’t quote any part of their actual words, then something intimate is missing from your study of their essence. If you don’t know their own words, then how well do you really know them?

I wonder how there has been a Charismatic Renewal in parts of the Church, an emphasis on being “Spirit-filled”, numerous teachings on the Gifts and Fruits Of The Holy Spirit, and yet we remain largely ignorant of His actual spoken words in scripture? We have valued the attributed words of both Jesus and the Father by memorizing their sayings, but when it comes to valuing the words attributed to the Holy Spirit in scripture, there is little memorization and it is hard to find teachings that focus on a compiled list of His actual sayings. We truly desire for the Spirit to lead us and speak to us NOW, yet there appears to be little emphasis on studying what He said THEN.

As of 11/3/2019, I tried Googling for any famous teaching series that was focused on the quotes in scripture by the Holy Spirit. I tried terms like: All The Quotes by the Holy Ghost in the Bible, the List of quotes by the Holy Spirit, Everything the Holy Ghost Said In The Bible, etc. I found tons of teaching ABOUT the Holy Ghost, but it was hard to find many major teachings that are focused on the comprised list of quotes that the bible specifically attributes to Him alone. I tried many search terms but could not find much. Maybe you will have better success.

Bible Verse Powerpoint Slides for 1 Timothy 4:1

Needless to say, I’m doing my own study on the quotes by the Holy Ghost. Depending on how you categorize His quotes (solo, dual-attributed, repeated), there appears to be between 7-10 quotes. I’m really enjoying it and may eventually share what I’m seeing. Meanwhile, I’d like to encourage you to begin to take a strong look at the actual quoted words of the Holy Spirit found in scripture. I believe you will see themes and be able to connect-the-dots and get some great insights as you see how His words fit with the commands of Jesus. It’s fascinating to see his actual words and how they illuminate and shed light on other parts of scripture in both the old and new testaments. Enjoy!


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