A New Christmas Message For You!

This message never gets old for me, so I thought I would post it again this year. Merry Christmas!

Defrosting Windows

What image comes to your mind when you worship or think upon God? Does your mind recount images from the “Passion of the Christ” movie? Do you see a bleeding Savior on a cross? Do you imagine a bright light? Do you hear a deep booming voice and lightning? Do you see a consuming fire? Do you see a long-haired, robed man calling you to follow Him? What do you often see when you close your eyes? Please close your eyes right now and capture that image in your head that you see most often. Have you done it yet? Whenever you’re ready, you can move on to the next paragraph.

Also, what physical posture do you assume most often when worshiping God? Do you stand, kneel, bow your head, lay down, dance, clap, lift hands, weep, sing, sit quietly at His feet?

All of these images and postures have…

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