“I Never Knew You”: Why Our God Doesn’t Know Part3

(Continued from Part 2)

This vulnerability was demonstrated by the discourse between Jesus and the Father when Jesus said, “Not MY will, but THY will be done”. Read that again. Do you see one will or two wills? One of those wills had to become vulnerable and yield. Yes, the members of the Godhead had two different wills at that moment. Jesus plainly says so. Some of you may argue that Jesus was speaking about the will of His flesh. If that is the case, then why didn’t Jesus make that differentiation instead of “owning” it and declaring it as MY will? Jesus should have rebuked His flesh instead of owning it. Instead, Jesus points out that the Godhead had two wills at that point. Let’s be very, very clear here…Jesus did not say “Our will”. One of them had to yield. God Himself (Jesus) yielded His will to another member of the Godhead (Father). Jesus changed from His will and yielded to the Father’s will. This is Agape in action!

If the members of the Godhead did not have different thoughts among them, then Agape Love was not practiced and did not exist before Creation. I believe that Agape Love existed and was practiced long before creation because I believe that God IS Love. You see, God was Agape long before man ever existed. God was practicing Agape long before he ever created a man. If God IS and has always been Agape, then the members of the Godhead were exercising Agape and yielding their wills to one another long before they ever related to mankind. That is what it means to have always been Agape. God didn’t become Agape when He created angels or men. He didn’t need a creation in order to be true Agape. He was doing Agape long before that. In Genesis, God was having “Let us” discussions before man was formed; the wills of God came together in “Let us”.

God IS Agape yesterday, today, forever. The Godhead was vulnerable to one another and our God is vulnerable towards us!  That needs to be permeated into our minds and spirits. If we have a relationship with Him, then He will engage with us and is susceptible to make real changes as we pray.

Real love is vulnerable. Agape is vulnerable. God is vulnerable. God is vulnerable towards His Sons and Daughters. (I wish I could get some amens out there!). This should give us great encouragement to pray!

For too long we have prayed with double-mindedness, discouragement, despair, and confusion. We have prayed out of obedience instead of conviction. Some have thought: Why bother to pray if everything is already destined? Why does God need me to say thy will be done, if it’s going to be done anyway? Why bother to pray if nothing is going to really change? If I’m the only thing that is going to change, then is prayer just a psychological self-help exercise? This is what our theology has done to us.

God is looking for people to stand in the gap. Stand in the gap for what? He is looking for people to intercede and give him reasons to pour out mercy instead of enacting justice. Or, to pour out mercy in the midst of judgment. Or to pray for judgment/vengeance as Jeremiah did one time. Like Hezekiah, Give Him reasons to add years to a life. Like the Canaanite woman, when He says “NO, this isn’t for you”, show your faith and Give Him reasons to heal your Canaanite daughter. It isn’t enough just to hear from God, the Canaanite woman heard, “This bread is not for you”. She didn’t take no for an answer. It isn’t enough to just hear from God and agree, we must engage with Him like she did. God wants dialogue, He invites it. We must wrestle for a change like Jacob did when he became Israel. Moses and Ezekiel didn’t rebuke the devil, they exhorted God to change His mind! Be delivered from the theologies of doubt! God has not closed the door on the future, parts of it are still open. But first, you have to believe that the future is open. Let’s pursue God with a single eye of faith. Let’s begin a new revival of prayer! Feel free to spread this good news via Facebook, Twitter, Email below…And Pray!

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