Writing A Book? I Think So.

I’m contemplating the idea of writing a book.

I once started writing a book but stopped about halfway through. The reason? It was simply something that I was writing for my own understanding that didn’t need to be shared at the time.

This time may be different. I believe that there is something that I have had the privilege to see that would give me great, great joy to share. I would write about it on my blog, but I have learned that blogs are meant for short posts. Most of my posts are a bit lengthy, and I lose some readers that way. Although I try to make my posts interesting, it takes time to read them. Most folks don’t go to their computers or phones to read a lengthy post. So, I feel that writing an actual book may be the best means for trying to communicate these insights. There is a definite investment of time, emotion, and energy with the hope that someone will read and be encouraged. I’m weighing the risks now. Success is not measured by the amount of readers but by whether I have heard and obeyed the voice of my Father. I’m praying and listening while writing.

Anyway, if you have any comments, encouragements, insights, or publishing suggestions, please send them to defrostingwindows@gmail.com



About defrostingwindows

Husband, Father, Salesman, Veteran, Real Identity: Child of God
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1 Response to Writing A Book? I Think So.

  1. gingy55 says:

    Great idea. Make an book available, too. I love reading your writings. Look forward to the release. Jennie

    Sent from my Milestone PLUS

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