Wealth Covers A Multitude Of Bankruptcy

Photogravure of Charles Alexis Henri Clérel de...

Photogravure of Charles Alexis Henri Clérel de Tocqueville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the beginning of my friend Elmo’s blog entry:

“De Tocqueville’s Great American Experiment is failing, crumbling under the burden of its own godlessness. Wealth is a beguiler and chokes out the seed of truth (Mark 4:19 AMP). It hasn’t taken long for the effects of being a prosperous nation to so deceive these United States into believing in themselves rather than God. So are these the last days of America? What is the future of the American Church? The following are 25 signs of…”

My friend “Elmo” is a man who is not the least bit surprised by current events. Although controversial at times, he has been sounding a very clear trumpet for many years. To read more about Elmo’s prediction for the Church and America, click on this link 

(For what it’s worth, Elmo is neither Democrat or Republican. He reviles both.)

Read, think, pray, prepare, or ignore.


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