My long-time friend Elmo wrote this today, and he makes a good point. I say, Put on the whole armor of God, and don’t forget your shovel. Read on…

Elmo Shangnaster

Over many years of listening to various and sundry pulpiteers, it seems odd that some parts of scripture have never been so much as touched upon let alone used to make a main point in sermon fodder. Some scriptures are so oft used, even week after week in messages, wearing them out pressing at some significant point, that they hardly require effort at memorization. Any regular church attending Christian knows the kind. John 8:32, Matthew 6:33 or Philippians 4:13 and a myriad of others require so little exegetic effort from the pew warming faithful as verses such as these are far more worn out in church sermons than grandma’s bible.

I’ve considered the reasoning behind all this to be a curious thing. Perhaps it’s simply convenient to avoid these knotty verses and stick with the same passages Pastor Whozits preached in his holy week sermon 10 years ago for homily…

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