Part 2: Lonely Noah! What’s In Your Carry-On Bag?

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What Did You See In The Previous Post?

In the previous post, We looked at the facts of Noah’s life. Then we aligned the pieces, and like a jigsaw puzzle, we looked at the picture that came together. We looked into what Noah may have seen, experienced, and felt. We concluded that all humans have a real need of knowing that someone can identify with them on some level. The kind of profound and isolated loneliness that he endured throughout his life would have likely caused him to deeply yearn for some form of attachment or reminder of someone who also loved God the way he did. We saw that Noah was very human and his need was intensely magnified. If you haven’t read Part 1 or if you have forgotten what you saw, then you really need to read Part 1 before going any further.

Noah’s Spiritual Hero

Who loved God like Noah? Who could have been an inspiration and example for Noah? The best candidate is the mysterious man we know as Enoch.

Enoch is the first one of only two men in the entire Bible who has the distinction of being named as someone who “walked with God”. That is a pretty exclusive club! Do you remember who was the only other person to hold that status? That’s right, it was Noah.  Righteous Enoch was Noah’s Great-Grandpa! Enoch was the 1st Biblical Prophet, and Noah was the 1st Biblical Preacher. They came from the same family and they both “walked with God”. Noah could certainly identify with his Paw-Paw Enoch. Do you think Enoch’s legacy influenced young Noah? Do you think that young Noah cherished hearing the testimony and stories about his Paw-Paw and how he walked with God and skipped death? I tend to believe that Noah spent a lot of time thinking about his Paw-Paw Enoch and the stories he heard. Although the timeline would indicate that they never met, I believe Noah latched on to those stories and determined to “walk with God” like his Paw-Paw did.

Tertullian (160-225 A.D.) “The Founder of Western Theology” had this to say about the bond Noah felt with Enoch: “Let them recall to their memory that Noah, the survivor of the deluge, was the great-grandson of Enoch himself; and he, of course, had heard and remembered, from domestic renown and hereditary tradition, concerning his own great-grandfather’s “grace in the sight of God,” and concerning all his preachings; since Enoch had given no other charge to Methuselah than that he should hand on the knowledge of them to his posterity. Noah therefore, no doubt, might have succeeded in the trusteeship of (his) preaching; or, had the case been otherwise, he would not have been silent alike concerning the disposition (of things) made by God, his Preserver, and concerning the particular glory of his own house.

What Did Noah Keep?

So, what did Noah take with him on the Ark? I agree with Tertullian; In some way, shape, form, or manner, I believe that Noah kept and preserved the words/prophecy of Enoch. You see, Noah was a planner. Do you think that Noah just listened to God’s design for the Ark and said, “Okey-dokey”, and just simply kept it in his head hoping that he would remember how to build the boat that would save his neck? Would you be that casual? I’m going to bet that Noah was very, very careful to do everything in his power to draw, inscribe, make pictures on stone, record every detail that God told him. Wouldn’t you do that? We don’t know if they had a written language in the Antediluvian world, but we do know that they were able to communicate measurements like a “cubit”. With that kind of urgent responsibility on his shoulders, I truly believe that Noah did everything in his power to make a record of things that were important to him. If he wasn’t that meticulous, I doubt that God would have entrusted the building of the Ark to his care. I personally believe Noah used that same diligence to preserve the words/prophecy of Enoch.

The Evidence

Watch this! The Bible says that Noah was a preacher of righteousness. Somehow we got it stuck in our minds that Noah just preached BEFORE the Flood…I believe he was just warming up! God’s callings don’t disappear, he was still a preacher. I wonder if his first post-flood sermon was titled, “I Told You So!” It used to be that the only people who would like to see Noah and would let him preach were the good folks down at Gopher Brothers Lumber Supply!! Unlike the unbelieving pre-flood crowd, I believe that Noah’s descendants were now properly motivated to carefully listen and heed every word that came from his lips! LOL. I believe that Noah’s post-flood preaching had an impact that was incredibly LONG-LASTING. Think about this. Enoch was one of the few examples that Noah could use in his messages of righteousness. Let’s be honest, the only examples he could use were primarily Abel and Enoch. That really narrows things down a lot, doesn’t it? I believe that Noah often declared the words of Paw-Paw Enoch.

This prophetic message was powerful; yet Moses and the Prophets didn’t feel the need to write it down. You cannot find Enoch’s prophecy anywhere in the Old Testament! It didn’t need the help of Moses and the boys in order for it to be included in the New Testament. You have to understand that God once again allowed Enoch to bypass the rules. Just like Enoch bypassed death, the Holy Spirit allowed Enoch’s words to bypass Moses and the boys and allowed Enoch’s words to stand on its own. Noah’s preaching wasn’t so futile after all, was it? The prophetic message of Enoch carried great weight and by the Spirit’s power it moved forward verbally and on other written pages without the aid of any Old Testament writers. Enoch was the first prophet of God, Enoch was the first of only two people who “walked with God”, Enoch was the first of only two people to escape death, Enoch didn’t need the confirmation of other writers for his words to stand because he was the first. Enoch’s name means “to begin, initiate, dedicate”. That sounds like being first.

Do you think that the Holy Spirit was going to let the words of the 1st Prophet fall to the ground and be forgotten? Nope. How long were the words of Enoch preserved? Well, sometime around 3,400 years later, The Penultimate Book of the Bible quotes the very words of Enoch saying, “Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about them: “See, the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones to judge everyone, and to convict all of them of all the ungodly acts they have committed in their ungodliness, and of all the defiant words ungodly sinners have spoken against him–Jude 1:14-15”. There is the evidence. It didn’t come through Moses or any O.T. writer. I believe the Spirit initially used Noah to do something to preserve the words of Enoch through the Flood and perpetuate them forward through others. Thirty-four centuries go by and Jude quotes this prophecy of Enoch, and he knows that his Jewish/Christian audience is very familiar with this passage, and that this information is publicly reliable. Jude didn’t have a dream or vision, Jude is quoting something that was familiar to his audience.

You might be asking, “How could Jude and his audience be so familiar with the inspired prophecy of Enoch when it wasn’t included in the Old Testament writings?” The reason is because the inspired prophecy of Enoch was eventually copied down in another “best-seller” that was written years before Jude. Jude pulled the inspired prophecy of Enoch from this book. Click on this passage for Jude 1:14-15 and look at the footnote to see where Jude got his information. Did you see that? Bible writers were often led by the Spirit to quote from outside sources. Paul quoted a pagan author named Epimenides (Titus 1:12). The BIG difference here is that Jude recognizes this passage as being true authentic prophecy from Enoch. This is a prophecy about the coming of the Lord and this passage is considered to be prophetic Scripture. That is not the only time that the N.T. uses this other book as a source of truth and information…Do you have any questions about the Book of Enoch?

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1 Response to Part 2: Lonely Noah! What’s In Your Carry-On Bag?

  1. Mrs. Laurie Striedinger says:

    Hey Dan, Thank you! I enjoy the thought provoking….Our ladies group is currently pondering and researching the question “did Eve have children BEFORE the “fall”?….If we can avoid the pitfalls of imbalance and striving,question and discussion is good.Lord knows there is a LOT of “foolishness” going on to draw us away from that #1 pearl,”Christ in us ,the hope of glory”! I don’t personally know you, but as my Pastor’s brother you are not a total stranger!….Laurie Striedinger

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