Giants Before & After The Flood

I’d like to take a shot at a question that keeps coming up about the Great Flood of Noah. This isn’t something that you will find inspiring, but it may help to defrost a window in our theology…Maybe.

Land of the Giants

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According to the Bible, Nephilim and giants were part of the population before the Flood. The Bible clearly states that except for Noah and his family, everyone was wiped off the planet in the Flood (Gen. 7:23). Yet, the Bible also clearly states that Nephilim survived the Flood (Num. 13:33). Also, both the NAS and NIV versions of Gen. 6:4 point forward to the fact that the Giants were in the land before & after the Flood. If the Bible states that all men were wiped off the planet, then how do we account for the re-appearance of the Nephilim in Numbers 13 and giants like Goliath, Gad, Og, the clan of the Rephaites, and others in the Bible AFTER the flood?

Some answers given by others:

1) The “Sons of God” from Genesis 6 re-infected the Human race again after the Flood.

2) According to the Hebrew Midrash Aggadah, the Jews believed that some giants rode on top of the Ark. They specifically refer to the giant Og in the Bible.

3) The spies in Numbers 13 were not only giving an evil report, they were lying. There weren’t any Nephilim in Canaan. The problem with this view is that Joshua and Caleb do not refute this statement. This view would also contradict Gen 6:4 which states the same race of Nephilim inhabited the earth before and after the flood. Also this doesn’t explain the other clans of giants in the Bible after the flood.

My two cents? Although I personally believe that Noah and his sons had no trace of Nephilim or giants in their ancestry, we cannot say the same thing for any of the sons’ wives. The Bible is silent on the son’s wives except to say that Noah was the ONLY person who was “perfect in his generations“. That leaves the option open that perhaps one of his daughter-in-law’s did not genetically come from an ancestry of “perfect generations” and had some “giant genes” in the mix. Giants after the flood came from the descendants of Ham, right???

Just a thought, not a conviction. Don’t burn me at a stake. It’s just a thought.

Now I have many, many more questions…Stay tuned.

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8 Responses to Giants Before & After The Flood

  1. Jack Elder says:

    Hey Dan, always good to see you tackling the problems. I’ve also heard that the “sons of god” (Job 2:1, Gen 6:2) were angels. That presents some other problems. But also a possiblitiy. Have a Dan-dy day.

  2. defrostingwindows says:

    I like the Dan-dy! Very interesting comment Jack. I’ve been doing a great deal of research on that very subject and its ramifications. Thanks for the encouragement, and stay tuned.

  3. amy says:

    Interesting question, I would like to hear your thoughts of the ramifications before chewing on this one some more. Sounds like your two cents makes some sense to me 🙂 From the looks of things, those wives had a whole lotta stuff in their blood! It’s always us women! lol

  4. defrostingwindows says:

    It ‘s about to get real fun. I was at the Library today researching some ancient stuff. Stay tuned!

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  6. gregorios magnus says:

    interesting. A giant on top of the ark. Yeah that defintely screams future in-law problems when the boatride ends!

  7. gregorius magnus says:

    okay,how many knock-knock jokes do think is (floating out there),because of this hang ten giant.

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