Mike Breen’s Warning: Why The Missional Movement Will Fail

This guy started with the missional movement back in the 1980’s and is still in it today. This guy is saying everything that I am feeling, thinking, sensing, and hearing when I pray. This is what I have been trying to communicate lately. This is why we must return to having Greatest Commandments Churches. As you saw in the post Marks Of A Greatest Commandments Church, #1 , we must start with first things first. If you work at fulfilling the Greatest Commandments you will fulfill the Final Command of Christ. Listen to what Mike Breen says:

It’s time we start being brutally honest about the missional movement that has emerged in the last 10-15 years: Chances are better than not it’s going to fail.

That may seem cynical, but I’m being realistic. There is a reason so many movements in the Western church have failed in the past century: They are a car without an engine. A missional church or a missional community or a missional small group is the new car that everyone is talking about right now, but no matter how beautiful or shiny the vehicle, without an engine, it won’t go anywhere.

So what is the engine of the church? Discipleship. I’ve said it many times: If you make disciples, you will always get the church. But if you try to build the church, you will rarely get disciples.

If you’re good at making disciples, you’ll get more leaders than you’ll know what to do with. If you make disciples like Jesus made them, you’ll see people come to faith who didn’t know Him. If you disciple people well, you will always get the missional thing. Always.

We took 30 days and examined the Twitter conversations happening. We discovered there are between 100-150 times as many people talking about mission as there are discipleship (to be clear, that’s a 100:1). We are a group of people addicted to and obsessed with the work of the Kingdom, with little to no idea how to be with the King. As Skye Jethani wrote in his Out of Ur post a little while back “Has Mission become an Idol?”:  (It is certainly out of line when placed before the Greatest Commandments which entails every measure of discipleship).

(These statistics are similar to what was posted in Great Commission vs. Greatest Commandments )

This is just an intro; to see the real meat of Mike’s warning, go to Why The Missional Movement Will Fail

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3 Responses to Mike Breen’s Warning: Why The Missional Movement Will Fail

  1. butterfly9990 says:

    This is wrong!

    • defrostingwindows says:

      In many respects Mike’s title for his article is wrong because it sounds like he is assuming that all missional communities will fail. I’m guessing he titled it that way for impact and because of his observations/research from having been a pioneer and current leader in the missional movement since the 1980’s. Certainly not all missional communities will fail. I hope that none of them fail. I hope they all succeed! I want them to succeed! I should hope that Mike Breen wants them to succeed. I do not believe that all missional communities will fail. I do not want any of them to fail. God forbid.

      What I do believe is right is the substance of Mike’s warning. I believe his warning is as true as the words of Christ in Rev. 2 where he told the Church in Ephesus that in spite of all their works, they had left their first love. Jesus said to Love God beginning with all our heart…later he says strength. How does a church begin to Love God w/ the heart? Through much prayer with petitions, adoration, worship, giving …together. This is where God can tune really tune our hearts; as we open our mouths and pour our hearts. This is a major step in discipleship…learning to really pray together. Jesus called Peter and the boys to be fishers of men; but they didn’t see this happen until 3 years later. In the meantime, he taught them how to pray together (Give US, Lead US, WE forgive). He taught them about loving God and loving each other. Before they “hit the streets” they had become a mighty praying army who were praying in one accord. They first had become a “house of prayer for the nations”. If Missional Communities will follow the Greatest Commandments and teach discipleship under that umbrella, they will flourish!

  2. Joseph Williamson says:

    Dan this is a good point .Personally the greatest words in this are love and prayer. How can anyone teach another about Christs love when they can’t even accomplish the very faulty human love. How can we understand Christs direction without communication with him(prayer) How can one teach about the forgiveness of Christ when they sit in the judgement seat of their own court and pass a sentence down of unforgivable. The truth is a disciple emulates Christ. If they fail to do this they will fail. It’s kind of like Charles Manson teaching classes on kindness or Ponzi teaching a morals class.That in my opinion separates successful mission from dismal failure. We can’t win anyone over for Christ until we are like Christ.
    Blessings to those that genuinely pursue this. Blessings will shower down on those that understand the first thing that must be won for Christ is our own hearts. It is my greatest desire for all those I know and all those i don’t.

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