Why Is This Called Defrosting Windows?

I thought I would take a break from the theological string and address a question that has been asked of me now on several occasions. Why have you named this blog “Defrosting Windows”?

I think about the verse in 1 Cor. 13 where it says, “For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face.” A window pane that is frosted or fogged up can be hard to see through (I’m still hunting for the perfect picture of a frosted window to use as the header for this blog). The Bible uses the word “mystery” 22 times in the KJV Bible. Some of the mysteries are revealed, but some are meant to be pondered and sought. Some things in the Bible are clearly explained, but many things require you to go speak to the Author. I believe it was designed this way on purpose. If we didn’t have to go to the Author, I think we would end up worshiping the Bible. It’s a dangerous thing to worship the Bible.

Anyway, the Bible is filled with mysteries that we are meant to ponder and ask about. Proverbs says, It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

Defrosting Windows is an attempt as “King’s Kids” to “search out the matter” with the hope of seeing things more clearly. My hope is that the Holy Spirit will blow His wind across our window panes and will help us to see some things more clearly. Hopefully, I won’t fog the windows up with this endeavor! I covet your prayers.

Concerning controversy: I don’t strive to be controversial, but I will use controversial means to bring out a point.  I have been called a “troublemaker” (affectionately, I think. LOL). Sometimes the window has to be fogged up more before we see the need to wipe it down. I’m the type of person who when I am listening to a speaker, I either need to be peppered with several questions from different angles or have a controversy introduced, or be entertained. If a speaker or writer just delivers facts without the interruption of questions, controversy, or entertainment, I’ll be daydreaming. If a speaker or writer doesn’t ask questions or keeps bringing some kind of tension into the message continually, my mind tends to drift and come up with my own questions. This is partly why I made A’s in some classes and was terribly clueless in others. So, I try to write and speak in the way that I wish someone would speak to me.

So, my prayer is that God will continue to defrost our windows and help us to see more clearly.


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Husband, Father, Salesman, Veteran, Real Identity: Child of God
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4 Responses to Why Is This Called Defrosting Windows?

  1. Lisa Peck says:

    Well said, Mr. Baker. I anticipate each of your insights BECAUSE of the way you choose to speak to us. Thank you so much for sharing yourself like only you can.

    • defrostingwindows says:

      You’re making me smile Lisa! “Like apples of gold in settings of silver Is a word spoken in right circumstances.” Your comment came at very good time!

  2. Ok brother,
    I know that you are animated in all that you do. It seens that as I read these words of yours, I can actually hear you saying them. And it makes me laugh!! You will always make me laugh… and thus gain a response out of me.
    So with that said, please allow my comments about what you pen in these wonderful writings (inspirations) remain humorous for the reader. If I get too… then don’t allow the post.
    But because of such serious matter, allow there to be expressed, your other half… humor.
    Blessings, Dave

    • defrostingwindows says:

      If there was a skype camera filming me while I typed, you would be laughing! I’m leaning into the screen, I’m pounding the table, I’m laughing to tears, My family checks on me to see if I’m alright, I get up and do a hallelujah dance! I should set up a camera and charge admission! LOL

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